Week 5

Welcome to Week 5, the final week of Creatrix Calling. This week is all about BELIEVING in yourself. Sweetness, you’re so ready for this. Leap, and the net WILL appear!

Bringing Your Creatrix Offering to Market

Alright sweetness, let’s finish strong! Now that you have completed your market research and revised your Signature Process, let’s learn how to bring your program to market and effectively communicate what you do.

In the 2nd part of this module, I walk you through a process of being able to effectively communicate what you do… the answer to this complicated question: “SO… what is it that you do.” 😱

We all are challenged with explaining to others what we do, even the most confident, even the most experienced speakers and writers. When you’re a multi-passionate woman with many gifts and skills, it’s not an easy task to distill your job title to a few sentences. In this module, I give you a formula with example copy to help simplify this for you. And please remember, this is ever evolving so please don’t get stuck on making it perfect.

Throughout this module, I show you the 3 components of the Creatrix Business plan and you will be guided to fill out your own, this will be your secret weapon of success. Bringing you clarity + a solid action plan for 2020.

Step 1) Complete your market research calls (if you haven’t already), and put your final touches on your Signature Process document.
At this point, you should be ready or close to ready to having a design made (either PDF or Sales Page).

Step 2) Watch the Module 5 and fill out your Creatrix Business Plan template to the best of your ability.
It’s okay if this isn’t perfect, what matters most is that you complete this exercise.

Step 3) Create your Creatrix Business Plan template and post it in the Facebook group!
This may seem vulnerable, but the more eyes on your plan, the stronger the manifestation field will be. I will be doing a crystal ritual with all of your templates on Dec 1st, so please post before then so your plan can be included in the field.

Step 4) Practice writing!
Get into action with a daily writing practice to train to be the best possible communicator, storyteller, marketer, and writer.

Step 5) Share in the Facebook Group!
—» What did you learn from Module 5?
—» What ideas are you getting for launching and marketing?
—» Do you have more clarity on your communication?
—» BONUS: Share your Creatrix Business Plan with us in a Google Doc!

Guided Meditation

Creatrix Affirmation Unleashed

I’m calling this the Affirmation Rampage. I took all of the affirmations from the entire 5 weeks and built them into one magical-manifestation-experience.

Listen as many times as possible to integrate the key prosperity codes of our time together.

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