Week 4

This week is all about revising your Signature Process based on the feedback you received from market research. Let’s take this to the next level!

Designing Your Most Prosperous Business Model + Effectively Communicating Your Creatrix Business Statement

Step 1) Complete your market research calls;
Dive deep and get into big action here!

Step 2) Go back to your Signature Process document;
Revise your process based on the feedback you got from your research calls, and the feedback from the mastermind, and your Creatrix Pod sisters.

Step 3) Determine if you will be hosting a beta round of your Signature Process.

Step 4) When you are complete with your Signature Process;
Hire a designer to create either a PDF or a sales page of your process.

Step 5) Share in the Facebook Group!
What did you learn from market research?
How does this change your Signature Process?
—» What creative ideas have you gotten for your process?
—» Is there any support you need?
—» Bonus: Go live and share with us what’s happening for you!

Guided Meditation

Opening The Channels of Infinite Possibility

This week’s meditation is an invitation to powerfully release fear and resistance. It takes courage to do what you’re doing, and it’s normal for the mind to go a little crazy with thoughts of doubt, discouragement, and overwhelm.

Creating a relationship with your fear will be one of the most powerful rituals you have in your entrepreneurship journey. We can know one thing for sure, fear will never stop creeping in— it’s how you process fear that makes the difference.

Please know this— it’s normal to have fear at this point in the Creatrix Calling process. Do this meditation as many times as you can in the next 7 days to release fear, so you can powerfully move into action.

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