Week 3

Welcome to Week 3! At this point in the process, you’re going to start getting into big action and ask questions to get feedback & revise your Signature Process.

Your Creatrix Market Research

Enjoy this process! It’s fun, energizing, and cultivates confidence-building to speak to people that are in need of your support. Let these calls remind you of why you do what you do.

Step 1) Refer to the template below for building your research questionnaire.

Step 2) Create your own questionnaire;
Based on what feedback you’d like to know from your target audience. I encourage you to come from a beginner’s mind, and no matter how many clients you’ve already served and how much data you already have, to treat this as a first time experience.

Step 3) Make social media posts and personal invites;
Book 5-10 market research calls in the next 10 days. Use the feedback you receive to do a 2nd revision on your Signature Process.

Step 4) Book your calls;
I’ve found that manually booking calls works much better than using a calendar link, like Calendly. People tend to forget and don’t take action on clicking your link. Take the work out of it for the people that are helping you, and make it very easy for them to book with you by giving them 2–3 time block options!

Step 5) Powerfully show up to your calls;
Be an incredible listener, and take notes!

Step 6) Ask for support in your Creatrix Pods;
Especially if you need inspiration or feedback on your research questions!

Step 7) Share in the Facebook Group!
—» How are your posts for feedback going?
—» How are the research calls going?
—» What are you learning?
—» Share with us any creative ways you’re discovering to book calls!
—» Bonus: Go live and share with us what’s happening for you!

Guided Meditation

Channeling Your Soul Match Client

Here’s what I want you to realize in this week’s guided meditation— you are capable of awakening your psychic powers! Every single human has a psyche, so we’re all psychic, it’s as simple as that. I guide you through listening to a room of your soul match clients, so you can channel what they need most. This is an awesome meditation to listen to multiple times and take notes. You’ll be surprised at what you can hear if you allow yourself to listen.

Give yourself a winning setup for this guided experience; light candles, relax your mind, and give yourself at least 30 minutes of space.

If you’re having trouble hearing anything, don’t fret, this is normal. Just do the best you can to relax your logic and thinking mind, and allow your imagination to take center stage. Ask yourself, “If I were able to hear something, what would I be hearing”. Trust yourself, trust yourself, trust yourself. You are far more aware than you give yourself credit for.

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