Week 2

Now that you are connected to your natural gifts, innate wisdom,
and strengths of your personality, let’s get started in creating.

Developing Your Creatrix
Signature Process

During this week’s tutorial, you’ll learn how to build your signature process and begin on your rough draft. I’m excited to witness you take your business to the next level of intention!

Step 1) Watch the video training;
When you can be present, grounded, and distraction-free, to the best of your ability.
This is not meant to be passive-listening. I highly recommend being settled at a desk, student-style, ready to learn and take notes!

Step 2) Create a Google Doc;
Begin filling out your Signature Process based on the formula from the video training. Let go of perfect, this is just a rough draft at this point. We will work through it for the next 4 weeks until you absolutely love what you’ve created.

For women who already have a client process:
—» Focus on upgrading your current process… What can you add that’s creative and unique to expand the value?
—» Stretch yourself into a price point that feels grounded but also a growth edge.

For women starting from scratch:
—» I know this isn’t easy to come up with a process from scratch, so just stretch yourself and use your creative brain.
—» Focus on creating something that YOU would like to receive as a student.

Step 3) Post the link to your Google Doc in our Facebook group.

Step 4) Complete 3 peer reviews before this week’s call;
You will be assigned a Creatrix Pod this week and setup in a group of 3.
Peer reviews looks like leaving comments for each other in “comment mode” in Google Docs. This is meant to get your creative juices flowing as you see other’s Signature Processes and joint feedback.

Look out for Portia, she will be sending out instructions for this & introducing you to your pod!

Step 5) Share in the Facebook Group!
—» What did you hear/ see in the guided meditation?
—» How did it feel creating the rough draft of your signature process?
—» Any A-HA moments to share?
—» Ask for support from your Creatrix sisters if you feel stuck with anything, let yourself be seen and supported!

Guided Meditation

Soul Remembrance

During this week’s meditation, I bring you into a process of meeting yourself at soul-level, and feeling from a vibrational essence, your agreement to come to Earth and what your great service is.

Please give yourself the gift of this meditation experience when you have at least 30 minutes to ground yourself, breathe, setup your sacred space, listen to the meditation, and reflect in your journal.

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