Week 1

This week is all about discovering the essence of you— your natural genius, your innate gifts, and special skills. In the coming weeks, we will build YOUR vibrational signature into one tangible, marketable product.

Seeing Your Crystal Clear Business Vision + Tapping Into Your Vibrational Signature

You’re about to embark on a self-discovery rampage this week, and I highly encourage you to come into it with a beginner’s mind, eager to discover something new! This is your time to build a whole new level of inner confidence for yourself, and to SEE who you really are as a coach, healer, and guide.

Step 1) Get Organized
You’ll need to get yourself a binder or folder for this week to store everything you’ll be printing out in one place. If you don’t have a printer, please investigate the most convenient option for you to get some things printed— it is highly recommended for this week!

Step 2) Internal Investigation
This is an opportunity to objectively learn about yourself, so you can fall in love with the essence of you, and SEE yourself deeply, so others can follow suit.

Below is the list of options you have for your internal investigation. Try a minimum of 2 tools, and try something new!

Option 1: Numerology
Your Life Path number, your Expression number, and your Personality number are the most important. 

Resource #1 —» Numerologist.com
Resource #2 —» CafeAstrology.com

Once you find your numbers, I encourage you to keep researching and discovering more about numerology. There is a lot to unpack and it gets more fun the deeper you dig.

Option 2: Astrology

Resource #1 —» CafeAstrology.com
Resource #2 —» Astrology.com

I have the same advice for you about Astrology, once you have your report, continue your research and allow yourself to travel down the rabbit hole a bit. There are endless YouTube videos, articles, and blogs that will help you tremendously on your astrology study journey.

Option 3: Human Design
Human Design was a major game changer for me. Believe me, I’m not one who likes to be put in a box, I actually was sad when I came back as a “Projector”. I thought, “how boring” LOL. Now, after having several 1:1 sessions with experts, reading about it, and my one self-study, I see being a Projector as one of my biggest superpowers.

Resource #1 —» Jovian Archive
Resource #2 —» For 1:1 Readings, I highly recommend Barbara Ditlow. She’s the best of the best. I left her session feeling so abundantly clear about who I am, and my gifts for the world. You can find her website → here.
Resource #3 —» My favorite book on Human Design

Option 4: Myers-Briggs Personality Test
The Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator is a self-report inventory designed to identify a person’s personality type, strengths, and preferences. The questionnaire was developed by Isabel Myers and her mother Katherine Briggs based on their work with Carl Jung’s theory of personality types.

Resource #1 —» Take the free test on Truity.com
Resource #2 —» Invest $49.95 on the official Myers-Briggs website. This is only necessary if you were interested in the package they offer and want to get the information straight from the source. (In my opinion, you’re just fine with the free version above!)

You know what to do after you find your “type”— continue your self study!

Option 5: Enneagram
The Enneagram is a model of the human psyche which is principally understood and taught as a typology of nine interconnected personality types. My dominant type is 3 and it definitely suits me!

Resource #1 —» Take the free test on Truity.com
Resource #2 —» Invest $12 on The Enneagram Institute. Again, I think the free version is awesome, but if you wanted to give deeper and get the test straight from the source, then you have that option.

Option 6: Gene Keys (advanced option)
The Gene Keys has been a massive part of my spiritual, personal, and professional development over the last 7 years of my study with the text. This text is quite advanced— it’s dense,  deep, and takes patience to study.

Resource #1 —» Take the free test on The Gene Keys website
Resource #2 —» Read more about your profile on The Gene Keys Website
Resource #3 —» Purchase the book and begin a lifetime of self-study

Enjoy this study, and please be patient, it’s not easy in the beginning but you’ll get the hang of it. There is infinite potential to understand life and yourself in this text, I highly recommend it if you’re up for the challenge.

Option 7: Hire a Professional
I’m all about supporting professional healers and intuitives. I truly believe I’ve moved so quickly in success in my career because I’m really good at asking for help. Investing in healers, tarot readers, and professional intuitives has helped me tremendously in SEEING myself, healing from the past, opening up possibilities for my future, and learning more about the metaphysical world.

Here’s the best way to find a healer— ask for a recommendation, then follow your gut in choosing someone. Ask in our Creatrix Calling Facebook group, our Prosperity Queendom Facebook group, and in your other circles. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. Be patient and trust that you will find your perfect healer! Don’t forget to ask questions about your purpose, your natural gifts, and your special skills— your guides and your higher self will love to pour this information into you.

Step 3) Interviews
The invitation is to interview 3–5 people in your life, people who you trust and that support your dreams and goals for your life.

1 —» Compile the list of people that you will ask.
2 —»
Reach out to them with a clear invitation. Something like this, “Hello, I’m doing a business course right now and one of my exercises is to have people in my life reflect my strengths to me. This conversation can be by phone or video (give them the options that makes the most sense), and will take roughly 15-minutes. Would you mind if I interviewed you?”
3 —» Book your conversations over the next 7–10 days.
4 —» Take detailed notes when you’re asking the questions and keep them in your Creatrix binder.

Adjust any of the questions as you would like, but try to keep the essence of the question the same.

5 Questions:
1 —» What do you see in me that I’m naturally good at?
2 —» Do you see something in me that you don’t think I see for myself? Is there a blind spot that you think I have in my own self-awareness as it pertains to my natural gifts?
3 —» How have you seen me be a leader during our relationship?
4 —» If you could see me excelling in a healing/coaching/mentoring profession— how do you see me helping people?
5 —» Anything else you’d like to share?

Step 4) Reflective Questions Writing Exercise
Now, your Creatrix Binder is filling up! You’ve got your self-research reports and your interview questions. Now is the time for you to turn inward for questions and find some answers and visions within yourself.

Self-Reflective Questions:
1 —» Who am I to other people in my life? What kind of lover, friend, daughter, aunt, etc person am I to others?
2 —» What have I always been naturally good at? What do I remember enjoying and doing well as a kid?
3 —» What similarities on the interviews and internal investigation tools am I noticing?
4 —» What repeat insights am I seeing?
5 —» What are 5–10 key traits and gifts about myself that I would like to be able to recognize and acknowledge more and live into?

Business-Reflective Questions:
1 —» In the presence of all of my gifts, skills, talents and natural strengths, how do I see myself serving others with this?
2 —» What parts of me am I scared to be seen or bring to market?
3 —» What parts of me am I curious to explore and develop further?
4 —» What are the pain points I see humanity suffering with that I would like to alleviate? What problems would I like to solve for others using my natural gifts?
5 —» What would fill my heart with joy to bring to the world? What must I do in this lifetime in order to feel like I left a legacy with my work?
6 —» What’s something I could offer to others that is creative, unique, interesting, while using all my natural gifts? How can I be different in the market? Think outside the box here.

Step 5) Introspection Ritual
—» Get into a ritual space. Light candles, set up a relaxing environment, and leave at least 30 minutes to complete this. Pull out the tools you have to create ritual; sage, cards, essential oils, crystals, etc.

Listen to this week’s guided meditation. FEEL yourself inviting in all parts of you— your voice, your confidence, your fullest vibrational signature. 

Step 6) Share in the Facebook Group!
—» What are you finding out about yourself in the introspection research
What surprised you about your interview reflection?
What similarities are you seeing across the board?
What did you hear/ see in the guided meditation?
Any A-HA moments to share?

Guided Meditation

The Essence of You

During this meditation, I want you to see yourself from a new set of eyes. Use your imagination and try your best to relax your thinking mind. Be curious and open up to see what images your mind generates. If you’re new to meditation, be gentle with yourself, do the best you can to remain focus.

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