Welcome Week 

Over the next several weeks, you’re going to grow so much, and meet some soul sisters in the process. Creating spaces for women to unleash their highest potential is my greatest joy in my professional career, and I’m so happy to bring you this experience.

Onboarding + Creating the Vortex

I give you a high-level overview of the course and get you powerfully set up to succeed. Please watch this 50-min video within 7 days and schedule enough time to listen to it completely with no distractions. Don’t forget to keep a journal handy, you’ll want to take notes!

Step 1) Take yourself on a Prosperity Work Date;
Go work somewhere for the day that you typically wouldn’t go… somewhere that feels prosperous and exciting. Dress for the part (whatever your expression is!) and bring in your future self, now!

Step 2) While on your Prosperity Work Date, complete this writing exercise:
—» My Creatrix Promise to myself is…
I see my success…
The old ways of operating that I’m releasing are…
Patience with myself looks like….

Step 3) Share a photo of your Prosperity Work Date + a summary of your writing exercise in the Facebook Group.

Share Your Insights

Support your Creatrix sisters by commenting on their posts and affirming their visions!

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